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What is so special about Realistic Digitally-Created Movies?

And why should we care?


The pure form a Realistic Digitally Created Movies appeared on the scene some years back with the release of Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within. It was the first time that a realistic portrayal of humans and their environment was attempted for the totality of a motion picture.

This technique is not traditional animation.  It’s not conventional cinema.  It’s not just slick special effects, weird monsters, or spectacular scenery, even if this can certainly be a part of it.

It is much more than a technical curiosity,

It’s the birth of a totally new mean of expression!


Kyra-2Kyra was director Jean Lafleur’s first attempt at creating a digital character with genuine expressions. “I tried not to cheat and decided to go for the ultimate challenge. This was not bravado but trying to see if it could be done. I elected to create a young woman (because young women are more difficult than males or older people: less wrinkles to hide the faults), to design her as normal girl (no heavy makeup or incredibly long legs), to put her in an everyday situation (again, more difficult than fantasy situations because we have more references), to shoot her in close-up and fully lit (no cheating in the dark), and to write a script that makes her go through a gamut of emotions in a short amount of time (not just a walk-on but a real performance).

Australopithecus   was a preliminary test to recreate one of our prehistoric ancestors. It a short loop repeated three times.    

Past projects

Jean LafleurMy name is Jean Lafleur. Coming from conventional cinema, I have a special take on this. I have spent the last few years exploring the fantastic possibilities of this new mode of expression. I found this medium to be nothing less than total freedom. The progress in motion pictures, through its century of existence, was about one thing: controlling what the spectator sees and hears, and using this control to better communicate what the authors want to express. From Welles and Kurosawa, to Spielberg, Lucas, Scott, Jackson, and Cameron, artists and technicians have contributed important advances in the control of film’s various aspects: staging, camera work, editing, makeup and costume, sets, special effects, and sound. These were giant steps in the right direction, but now, there is a new kid on the block: Realistic Digitally Created Movies. With Digital Movies, you control absolutely everything… and can do absolutely anything you desire. You actually reconstruct a reality from your own imagination or from the past or the future… and people it with the characters that are most appropriate to tell the story.   But if there is one thing that is evident to me, it is that quality will not come from technology alone. What technology gives us is better tools, more immediate and interactive feedback in modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating… and better, simpler, less obtrusive and more precise mocap.   But the best technology in the world will not create more realistic human beings, more sincere emotions, more expressive movements, or more drama and intensity. Only skilled technicians and talented artists can do that.      


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What next!

What we are working on next is top secret, but let me just tell you that it has something to do with our prehistoric ancestors. We feel that human evolution is a fascinating and important subject and that the new technology is ready to face the challenge of bringing them back to life in a dramatic and spectacular way. Stay tuned for further development.

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