Kyra-2Kyra was director Jean Lafleur’s first attempt at creating a digital character with genuine expressions. “I tried not to cheat and decided to go for the ultimate challenge. This was not bravado but trying to see if it could be done. I elected to create a young woman (because young women are more difficult than males or older people: less wrinkles to hide the faults), to design her as normal girl (no heavy makeup or incredibly long legs), to put her in an everyday situation (again, more difficult than fantasy situations because we have more references), to shoot her in close-up and fully lit (no cheating in the dark), and to write a script that makes her go through a gamut of emotions in a short amount of time (not just a walk-on but a real performance).

Australopithecus   was a preliminary test to recreate one of our prehistoric ancestors. It a short loop repeated three times.